code of conduct

In accordance with the values at Pumeza Bono Attorneys it is essential that employees carry out their duties with the highest level of integrity, good faith, trust and honesty. This code of conduct supports the business values of the firm, which require a standard of dignity and confidentiality in relation to its business, clients and employees.

As a legal firm, we require high standards of business ethics, morals and honesty in the conduct of our affairs. In this regard, information that an employee acquires in the course of his/her work is not disclosed to any
person, nor is the information used improperly.

Our clients remain our first priority, every matter is dealt with promptly and without unnecessary delay. Reporting to our clients on a biweekly basis is a key part of our service delivery. Creating a trusting relationship with our clients is our main concern.

Pumeza Bono Attorneys shall act according to the highest personal and moral standards and respect the human dignity of all other people during and after working hours.

We have a firm stand against bribery, gifting, favor trade, unfair treatment and corruption.